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Goddess Extensions

Goddess Extensions

Mesmerizing Energy

Mesmerizing from head to toe, shining beautifully from inside then out, being fearless, and authentic are all reasons we have all fell victim to being Sprung overnight. Egyptian Gypsy Sprung collection was inspired by her song Sprung available on self titled project. This collection is going to showcase how beautiful you really are.

Sprung Overnight Midi Dress

Music to my Ears

Song writing has been a passion of mines since the age of 12. No matter the mood, music can break the ice. In my 1st self titled project, I wanted to showcase who Egyptian Gypsy was. I can say, I did that - Egyptian Gypsy

All about Music

Providing what a goddess needs to feel sexy, beautiful, powerful, and appreciated. All we have is each other, lets network, lets motivate, and lets build each other up. Don't forget to join our community!

Every woman deserves to be treated as the Goddess that she is

E. Gypsy